More About Me

As a business owner, elite personal trainer, and university women’s basketball athlete, Isabel Foley knows all about commitment and the laser-sharp focus one must have to succeed.  She has achieved top accolades in the fitness industry for her ability to accept responsibility, anticipate the needs of others, interpreting data, and educating her clients and teams on the finest track to success; all of which Isabel applies to her real estate career today.  “I have been able to retain a majority of clients and receive countless referrals through my attentiveness and desire to give people exactly what they need.” With her unprecedented listing skills, and highest level of fiduciary service, Isabel will only offer straightforward advice based on her unceasing research and respect.  Her ability to remain focused on her clients’ future starts at home where Isabel validates the importance of taking care of oneself to stay at the top of her game.  Isabel continues to enjoy her training background - working out every day, eating well, and finding quiet time to recharge her devotion to live a good life and help others do the same.  A master of high standards with a passion to please, Isabel can be contacted through Chase International’s Reno, NV office.